Saturday, November 30, 2013

Travel Links

Booking a holiday or weekend getaway can sometime feel overwhelming and stressful. I have found some useful sites that help me plan more effectively!

Starting from the top left to right: 

AirBnB - We use this ALL the time to book apartments for reasonable prices. Stay in an assortment of homes, from caves (we stayed in one in Granada) to 'glamping', to apartments with a view of Buckingham Palace. - Great link for hotels with reliable reviews.

Trip Advisor - A well known website to find restaurants, hotels, flights, and things to do. Also check out the different forums with travelers questions and responses. - A new site for me, but a way to book vacation rentals all over the world! 

Always on Vacation - Another new sight that I haven't used yet, but seems to be very user friendly and a good way to book a holiday rental. 

Rick Steve's - Who doesn't love this guy? And how do I work for him? I use his sight, books, and tours... go ahead and get lost in his website with new travel destinations. - I have just switched from using EDreams to Kayak. EDreams is a SCAM. But that's another post. Anyways this is a great website for finding the best flights. 

Spotted by Locals  - I LOVE this website. It's great to experience a city by a local's point of view. They also now have an app which I will have to download. 

How do you plan for your next trip? 

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