Thursday, December 5, 2013

News Update

Although I am thousands of miles from the States, I still believe it is important to be informed locally and nationally. Here are some of my favorite ways  I stay connected to the world daily: 

The Skimm - This site sends you a morning email with quick news updates. 

NPR - Growing up listening to NPR on the radio, it is now my homepage. I skim through articles every day to get a general understanding of what is happening. 
     Side note: NPR's Car Talk podcast is one of my favorites. Listen to two brother's talk 
     about car repairs, car troubles, and other callers problems. 

Today Show Podcast  - This is part of my morning routine, during my 2 hour commute to Brussels. You can watch the Today shows first hour with out commercials, daily! On of my favorites. Who doesn't love Matt, Al and Savannah? 

60 Minutes Podcast - After the Today show this podcast is up next, a classic. 

You all might be seeing a trend here, I love podcast. Maybe I will write a blog about my favorites (I could make a top 10). 

How do you stay informed? 

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