Thursday, December 5, 2013

On the Table

Here's a glimpse of some things we ate this past week (unfortunately no Thanksgiving recipes!) 

This isn't the actual recipe we use, Ry is the sweet potato 
guy and seasons these bad boys with a ton of spices... make
sure to use some flour or corn starch so the spices stick! 

First time making this and it was delicious! 
Great for Meatless Mondays :)

This is my go to salad when I am craving pesto - super easy! 

I had to use the last pumpkin jar and we were in the mood
for a bit of oatmeal, these did the trick. 

Last Saturday the Brugge International Club had a Christmas Market to raise 
money for a local cause and I thought it would be fun to to 'donate' some bread 
for them to sell. Although, we didn't get to try the lemon or chocolate swirl bread - they 
were simple and smelled great. I then packaged them with the Baked with Love tags (free download) and wrapped them with some red twine and green wrapping paper.
After making this bread I started following Sally's blog. Great baking 

Baked with Love tags
Free tags to download and print. 

Not pictured: Take out Indian for Thanksgiving :) 


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