Thursday, October 31, 2013

Life in a 4x4

     Life has been hectic! Lots of guests, the first term bulletins were due at school, appointments, and traveling. On Monday I went to London for 2 nights to show Ryan's Aunts my favorite city. Yes, I have decided - London is #1. This week marked my seventh time to the city and it never ceases to amaze me. I love everything about it, the sights, people, fashion, pubs, neighborhoods, the tube, shopping, I could go on and on! Did I mention that we saw the Queen? Yes, the Queen of England! While we were waiting for the changing of the guard she drove up to Buckingham Palace with a few police escorts and the crowd went wild. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo but she looked as elegant as ever. 
    Today I baked an Apple Crisp deliciousness because we had a lot of apples and it's Ryan's favorite. I also picked up those hydrangeas TWO weeks ago at the local market and they are still alive and kickin'. Today is Halloween and the Belgians really don't celebrate at all. I can't wait to be back in the States to celebrate Hallmark holidays. But one of the local shops had a beautiful window display with everything made of chocolate. I love the skulls :) 

Happy Halloweenie!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Dad's come to Brugge and Stuttgart 

Last week my dad and Rout (his best friend and coworker ... who later had the nickname Dad #2) came to Brussels for a work convention. Ryan's dad also flew over for the event! They extended their stay and we went to Stuttgart, Germany for a beer festival. We also met up with Julie and Josh. They have become great friends and travel buddies. Stuttgart has the 2nd largest beer festival in Germany, Oktoberfest is #1. Stuttgart hasn't been taken over by tourist and feels local and of course... German! 

 The Dads! 
 My Dad and I in Brugge at the top of the brewery.
 Julie and I the second day! 
 The only size available :) 
Julie and Josh

Overall we had a great time and drank a lot of beer! I am so lucky that my Dad was able to extend his trip and spend the weekend in Germany. Now we just have to get the whole family over together before we move back :)