Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Came Early

I can't believe it, I am that person that decorates before Thanksgiving. But I feel like I should be given a free pass, they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here! And, I was just too excited. Last Monday I went to Ikea to purchase some decorations and a tree. I found a great deal on a fake tree. Side note - I also can't believe our first tree together is an artificial one, my Mom (Martha Stewart) will be upset reading this but here are our reasons ... 

1. As a teacher I already waste enough paper. 
2. It's a sturdy, good quality and size tree for us. 
3. It's cheaper. 
4. It will last a while! 

Brugge is a beautiful place to visit or live during the holidays. All of the streets are decorated and in the center they set up an ice skating rink. Surrounding the rink are little wooden shops with hot chocolate, warm sweet wine, and other Christmas goodies. This December our goal is to try to ice skate. I will make sure to capture this moment via iPhone :) 

 Kitchen table change up, it's nice to have a 
candlelight dinner just because!

The tree! And some classic stockings.

Some greenery, wish we had more but it's hard to find here!

My 'DIY berry decor'.

I guess I'll end this post with a Merry, Merry? 

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