Saturday, June 14, 2014

I'm back!

That one time I disappeared from the blogosphere for 3 months and you probably thought I was never coming back... 

Some things you shouldn't force and apparently blogging was one of them, but I am back with some fresh ideas. Before I jump into anything, let me show you some things I have been doing since... March! 

We made a movie of about being a first grader! 

Some spring art projects

 Favorite waffles from the Wednesday farmers market 

Made my own perfume called Grace 

Not to be confused with my name "Leen" 

We went to Edinburgh and sampled some whiskeys 

Then I flew home and saw some of my favorites from USC :) 

And this girl! 

I made some very berry muffins my two European best friends. 

These two! 

I shook Obama's hand. 
Amanda came to visit! We went to Milan, Cinque Terre and Lisbon. 

We went to Amsterdam for the Food and Film festival and listened to Joel Salatin from Food Inc. He inspired me to get a chicken and plant some veggies. 
We had bagels tapas. 

We went on a Ferris wheel ride. 
We spent some time on a farm and made goat cheese. 

The swans had their babies. 

We went to a Memorial Day service at the American Cemetery in the Ardennes. 

We checked out Palma Mallorca and Formentera, Spain. 

And now, now I am getting back into blogging! Happy Saturday everybody. 


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