Thursday, June 19, 2014


The Happiness Project 

I am in the mist of reading Gretchen Rubin's book about Happiness. Each month she tackles a new topic on her adventure towards happiness. For the month of May; Be Serious About Play. This chapter got me thinking about what I found fun. There are many things that other people find fun but I don't enjoy and vice versa. "Research shows that regularly having fun is a key factor in having a happy life; people who have fun are twenty times more likely to feel happy." 

Similar to Gretchen, I love the idea of wandering an art museum, learning to play chess, doing crossword puzzles, or going to a 10 story dance club until 6am. I understand why people enjoy these activities, but they aren't for me. Sometimes I wish I liked them, but moving on! I need to Be, Leigh. 

Right now, here are some things that are FUN for Leigh: 
in no particular order 

  • riding my bike 
  • cooking and baking for people (especially Ryan)
  • walking through town and picking up a coffee
  • reading (blogs and books), especially outside  
  • doing research for traveling 
  • going out to eat 
  • being around kids 
  • trying to taste every beer in Belgium (over 800...) 
  • Skyping with family and friends 
  • working on my photography/photoshop
  • dancing in the kitchen with Ryan 
It's funny to me to look at this list and think about how much I have changed. 3 years ago my fun list would have been completed different. But I am okay with that. I know in 3 years time it will change again. 

Gretchen's Blog: The Happiness Project 

So what's fun for you? 

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  1. Terrific attitude! Gretchen does have some great ideas. Did you know her father-in-law is Robert Rubin, former Treasury Secretary. Megabucks in those families but then money doesn't buy happiness.

    It's amazing how things change - I used to do tons of cooking and baking but now, not so much! And soon a huge change - you'll be back in the states! YAY.