Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beauty Bloggers

While being in Belgium we haven't had cable. No reality shows, or mindless episodes of ______ (fill in the blank). One way I like to unwind after a long day at work is on the couch with some tea or some speculous ice cream and watching my favorite beauty bloggers on YouTube. Those of you who have not experienced real reality TV - you need to check out the YouTube scene. Here are some of my favorite subscribers that have opened my eyes to the best face products, some fabulous lipsticks, and how to create the most epic winged liner. 

Essie Button- My favorite blogger and you tuber who also Vlogs (yes, it's a video blog of her life). She reminds me of a best friend growing up (Meg!). She is a Canadian who moved to my favorite city, London, with her boyfriend. She does some amazing hauls, routines, and brand reviews (like Bobbi Brown and Soap and Glory).  

Lily Pebbles- Another favorite, Lily posts videos about makeup, skin care, makeup, and Vlogs of her life in London. Did I mention she has a British accent? You'll notice a trend here... 

Anna- Lily's best friend Anna is adorable with her boyfriend Mark. She continues the trend of Lily and Essie. I love her style and natural look. Look at these amazing brows! 

Fleur de Force- Fleur is a beautiful blogger and you tuber who recently got married and is remodeling her home. Not only will she help you with the best self tanner but also gives home tours. 

I hope to post some of things I have learned and purchased thanks to these great blogs. As I am growing up (hehe) I have realized the importance of taking care of myself, especially my skin. I have really become interested in skin care and a proper regime every morning and evening. 

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