Sunday, February 16, 2014

On The Table

For my peanut butta lova :) 

Autumn Salad that has been on the table a few times this year, I love 
the apple cider vinaigrette.  

First time making these bad boys. Chickpea Sweet Potato Quinoa Burgers. YUM-O.
For left overs, I mashed them up and put them in a wrap with spicy mayo. 

Just made this tonight, we had all the ingredients already and
 no cream required! Substitute for whole wheat penne and a mediterranean  
seasoning instead of parsley. 

Tomato-Basil Spinach Risotto, I served this with a simple chicken. 
Would be better if our tomatoes were in season :) 

Are you seeing a trend here? I basically use the blog Iowa Girl Eats and 2 Martha Stewart books to make our menus each week. Once in a blue moon, I will use other recipes I have found from Pinterest.  I like to plan 4-5 menus so we don't over buy and to stay healthy! Any recommendations? 

Something new on the table this week were smoothies. We bought a VitaMix but unfortunately the voltage/watts (long techie story) doesn't work, but we have been using our old blender. Each night we make a smoothie to bring to work for the next day. Ry has been able to get right into the green ones, me on the other hand, it's taking time. I'll post more about some recipes we have tried this week! 

Happy Eating!

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