Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday as a 'Belgian'

No car day - Sunday 

Today in Brugge no vehicles were allowed in the city center and the sun came out, which meant lots of people out and about enjoying the day! Sunday's in general are a day where families spend time together because nothing is really open, no super markets, only a few restaurants, and no shops. It's basically a day where you are forced to be with each other... which I think is a great thing and should be more of a tradition in the US. 

 Street performers and a naughty little Belgian! 
 The only vehicle to be seen
 Grabbed a goat cheese and prosciutto sandwich
 to watch some locals dance in the street. 

 We stopped in to see Michelangelo's
Madonna and Child

 More locals dancing to MJ 
 Our sweet neighbors stopped by to share
some homemade desserts; chocolate mouse and white 
chocolate mouse with speculoos  
 Our first eggplant! 
 We had no idea where the actual broccoli would come from 
.... the top! 
 Eggplant/Yellow Pepper/Basil
 The jungle, I mean our butternut squash
(dying tomatoes and onions in the back) 
 Everyone was outside enjoying Sunday 
brunches in the streets

Enjoy your Sunday! 

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