Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Week of First Grade!

It's been a little bit, but I have survived my first week of teaching! Just barely though, because I have a sinus infection and damaged a tube in my ears?! Anyways... here is a sneak peak at my room :) 

I thought I would have 28 6 year olds, but good news - only 26! They haven't stampeded me yet... so far so good. 

 Morning Meeting area, calendar, and weather chart

 Trying to fit all 26 desks! 
 Our library that many of you donated books to-- THANKS! 
 Our windows face the playground. 
 I plan on turning that window into a Word Wall Window! 
I took a picture of each student with this cute sign, we are going to make 
a frame their parents... coming soon!

I plan on updating my blog more but this past week I was focused on a lot of assessments to see where all my kiddos are! Half of them know the ABC's and half don't, some can count, some can't!! We really need a solid understanding of numbers and letters before we get into the juicy stuff. 

My kiddos are from ALL over the world. I have a set of twins from Poland, the cute girl above is from Iceland, one from Estonia, an Irish lad, one Japanese, two Brits, many Indians, one Italian, one North Carolinian, two Africans,  some Spanish, and French! They are such a great group and they were all together last year in Pre-Primary which is great because they all know each other. This week we are working on being Pals and reading the story Chrysanthemum, a classic.

Have a great Hump Day :) 


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  2. Thanks Leigh for sharing...I so miss the excitement of that first week of school! Keep us updated on kid progress! Teaching those kids is such fun!

    Those uniforms are so cool and remind me of a favorite classic, Madeline!

    Tom Sinks