Saturday, August 3, 2013

Enchanted by Turkey

Posting Early

I thought I would share our time in Turkey once it was over but I am just to eager to share some photos of our experience so far! Turkey was the most 'unplanned' part of our month trip. We traveled the coast of Turkey by many small Dolmuses (buses with 4-6 rows of 2 seats, sometimes air conditioning) and then flew from Antalya to our current location Cappadocia. 

Our first stop was Kas, pronounced cash. We stayed at Hotel Hideaway. They served a great breakfast on their rooftop lounge bar area and had a yummy vegetarian buffet for dinner. It would be super easy to be a vegetarian in Greece and Turkey! We were in Kas for two nights and enjoyed the small fishing port town.

Next stop was Olympos. Olympos was an ancient city and is covered by mountains of green terrain and a swarm of backpackers sleeping in tree houses. We stayed in a cute bungalow for $30 a night, which included AC, a hot shower, a buffet breakfast and dinner! It had a very relaxed vibe and nice after a lot of traveling. 
Our bungalow.
 The lounge area with hammocks.

 A walk through the ancient city.
 Mosaic floors. 

 Crossing the 'bridge'. 
 Enjoying an Efes (Turkish Beer) after playing Ryan in ping pong (1-2 Ryan) 

We are currently in Cappadocia, which is quite difficult to describe. It is really a natural wonder and we have never seen anything quite like it. It is honeycombed with cave houses and underground cities. It is known for hot air balloon rides. This morning we woke up at 5:30 to watch and listen to the balloons surround our cave hotel. We are here for 3 more nights! 

Okay so I am kind of obsessed, but it is beautiful! Over 35 balloons in the sky!

Dünyadaki tüm aşk. 
All the love in the world, 

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