Thursday, June 20, 2013

First Post

I've caved. I'm a blogger. I had a feeling this day would be coming soon, so here I am. After fifteen minutes or so searching for how to create a blog I came up with my "theme".... traveling, teaching, eating. 

The reason for my creating this is mostly for my family and friends to keep updated with my life in Brugge, Belgium with my handsome man, Ryan. I hope this will be the best way to post photos and refresh others on what's happening in Belgium! Sometimes I feel a bit of guilt posting pictures all over Facebook with out explanation or telling our story. I recently read an article about the FOMO, the feeling of missing out. That everyone you know is doing cooler stuff than you, feeling happier than you, and generally out-pizzazzing you... but remember the grass ain't greener! Life can sometimes seem glamorous on Facebook and I am trying to fight the FOMO. It took us awhile, and I mean AWHILE to get settled here and moving to a new country can be very difficult and different. I hope this is a great way to share our adventure with everyone! 

Belgian Taxes. Ugh. 
Today I waited in line to file my Belgian taxes. I went yesterday and there were 70 people ahead of me, yes 70. So today I went before they opened with a new book and there was already a line of 25 people. Goodness grief! Anyways, I ended up not having to pay anything and the woman was very nice (not always so common). 

Have a happy Thursday! 

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